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One part of citizens left without television

Georgia has switched to digital broadcasting starting today. However, despite carried out preliminary campaign one part of the citizens is left without television. Based on the survey conducted by Transparency International, the 49% of the population met the reform unprepared. 

Transparency International published a research based on which 90% of the population was well-informed about the reform and that the 33% already uses installed antennas. 

Previously used analog broadcasting was terminated at 10:00 today in Tbilisi’s broadcasting zone, which unites Tbilisi, Sagarejo region, Kojori, Rustavi and Marneuli.

The same will take place in the regions in about 8-9 weeks. The switchover applies to the part of the population that receives broadcasting by means of an antenna placed on a roof and their TV-sets have no DVB-T2 standard support. These people will need a special device named set-top box to receive the signal.

Within the framework of the 2006 Geneva Agreement (GE-06), switchover to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting represents an international obligation of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) member states, including Georgia. 

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