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Four people were physically assaulted in Kobuleti

მერაბ წულუკიძე
Publish Time 2017-09-12 15:07:00 Update Time 2017-09-12 15:15:00

Four people were physically assaulted late last night in Kobuleti, nearby Palm restaurant. According to First Channel, the health condition of injured people is stable but they cannot move and stay in ward. The victims have head injuries. The victims suppose that the attackers are representatives of the law enforcement body. 

„We were in the park late night, at 1 a.m. The restaurant, we planned to go, was closed. On our way back, I saw pickup truck and eight men rushing towards us. We were beaten. I noticed, they have MIA abbreviation on the T-shirts. I suppose they were not locals but from low-informant body. After that incident, my fallow called to 112 while I was shouting - Help us!“, -says one of the victims, Malkaz Giritaladze. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs states that persons are being identified. 

According to the agency, the investigation started on the basis of Article 126 of the Criminal Code, which implies violence.

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