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Questions over incident at Nutsubidze Plato remain unanswered

Did Patrol Police officers exceed their authorities over the tragic fact that took place at Nutsubidze Plato in Tbilisi on October 25 during which Paata Pavliashvili, 34, died? Many questions circulating over the incident have remained unanswered for the time being.

Results of the expertise on corpse of Pavliashvili will become known in about 45 days. Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) does not comment over the incident and says that investigation is being led by Prosecutor’s Office. The family of the deceased man also keeps silence before completion of the ongoing investigation. The tragic fact is also probed into by Georgia’s Public Defender and three non-governmental organizations. 

Patrol Police officers, who participated in the incident, have already been questioned. Pavliashvili felt bad when law-enforcers were trying to detain him and died before neighbors called First Medical Aid. According to one of the members of the ruling team, there can be recording of cameras attached to patrol police officers during conduction of the detention operation than can serve as evidence. 

The medical autopsy was conducted in Rustavi town that also caused suspicion. Head of Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau told First Channel that the reason to transfer the corpse to Rustavi was ongoing repair works of an elevator envisaged for lifting dead bodies.

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