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Special Mountain Battalion Completed ISAF Mission

Publish Time 2014-11-01 17:01:00

Military servicemen of the Georgian Armed Forces deployed in Kandahar Air Field completed their mission. Accomplishment of ISAF mission was marked with a solemn ceremony by the service members of the Special Mountain Battalion in Kandahar. At the end of mission ceremony they lowered the Georgian state flag. Battalion Commander Giorgi Kobidze personally handed over the flag to Deputy Chief of General Staff of GAF, Colonel Roman Jokhadze. Brig. Gen. Daniel Yoo, commander, RC(SW), US Army Brigadier General Douglas Gabram, Georgia’s Senior Military Representative in Afghanistan Joni Tatunashvili and other high-ranking military officers attended the solemn event on Kandahar Air Base. Deputy Chief of General Staff of GAF, Colonel Roman Jokhadze congratulated Georgian military servicemen of successful completion of the mission without any casualties. U.S. Marine Corps Liaison Officer also addressed the Georgian Battalion and thanked them for their service. Deputy Chief of General Staff of GAF, Colonel Roman Jokhadze granted the MoD medals to the U.S. support team members based on the special order issued by the Minister of Defence of Georgia. Five military servicemen of the Special Mountain Battalion also received medals “General Mazniashvili”, “General Kvinitadze” and “Devoted to Homeland”. Special Mountain Battalion was carrying out ISAF mission in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul Provinces during seven months. Their mains tasks included protection of Kandahar Air Base and patrolling in the area of operations in the province to provide security in the region, Defense Ministry reports.
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