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The Short 20th Century

THE SHORT 20TH CENTURY is a program about 20th Century. Short because, in fact  the period begins in 1914 and ends in 1991. It was preceded with the long 19th century, which began in 1789 with the French Revolution and dragged on until 1914. In 1914  with the beginning of the First World War, then with formation of the Soviet Union a new era begins - the 20th century, which is full of revolutions, wars, large-scale events in culture and science. All this period is characterized with confrontation between the West and totalitarianism. The epoch has come to an end in 1991, with fall of The Soviet Union. 

The program covers wide range of subjects : revolutions, wars, discoveries, persons and culture - all the issues of the whole 20th century. 

Each program includes of one year , from 1914 to 1991. Dynamic narration of the host (Zaza Shatirishvili) from Iakob Nikoladze House-Museum, the rare archival footage, make the program very impressive. 

Author and Narrator - Zaza Shatirishvili

Director - Shalva Shengeli 

Editor - Kote Jandieri