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Self-governance 2017

Series of pre-election programs “Self-governance 2017
Pre-election debates in live air
Three times per week

Main goals of the project:
• Ensure full and thorough informing of citizens about political parties participating in elections, candidates and their election programs;
• Ensure maximal involvement of Georgian regions in program;
• Portray problems facing locals and hold debates among election entities over problems’ resolution means.

Short description of Format:
• Project consists of 15 programs out of them 4 in Tbilisi, while other 11 programs will be broadcast from different regions;
• First program will be dedicated to provision of information about elections and explanation of its importance;
• One program (Tbilisi) will be allocated to debates among the first persons on party lists;
• One program (Tbilisi) will allocate time to thematic debates among representatives of political parties;
• Twelve programs will give venue to debates among Mayoral Candidates;
• A total of 11 municipalities will participate in project;
• “Profiles” of selected municipalities will be prepared in advance;
• Also, video-stories will be made in each municipality where people will have the opportunity to talk about their problems and ask questions to the candidates on given topic;
• Vox-Pop (opinions of people recorded talking informally in public places) will be prepared;
• Time given for talk to debate participants is limited.