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Bookshelf is a youth literature show which combines various cognitive spheres together with literature thematic. Each team includes three school students of 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

The game consists of 3 stages:

First Stage: Teams play 9 literature rounds. Every instantaneous correct answer to a question is evaluated with 3 points, correct answer given during additional time – with 2 points, and in case of the hint given by the program host – with 1 point.
Second Stage: The second stage consists of 3 rounds where players compete in art, science and sports. The immediate correct answer to at question is evaluated with 2 points; the question answered during additional time and upon hint of the host is not valid at this stage.

Third Stage: The game is wrapped-up by a Blitz-tour. Only one school student, selected by the team, participates in the Blitz-tour. His/her goal is to answer as many questions as possible during one minute. Each correct answer is evaluated with 1 point.

The team, which collects more points in total, wins the game. The show lasts during one broadcast season with Olympic system. The project participants are awarded by books, tablet PCs, vouchers and other prizes. The winner team of the project departs for Cambridge Summer School in Great Britain.

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